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Welcome!  The Get Lost! website has undergone another change, and is undergoing a revamping. I enjoy other activities in the outdoors, and I decided to include them in the site. On this site you will be able to order the Get Lost! guidebook, read current trip reports, explore the world of Ultra Light Backpacking, research gear and just check out other areas that might be of interest to you.  I will continue to add items and fill in the blanks on a regular basis. Thanks for visiting.


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       Breaking News! 11-24-2010
Get Lost! Guidebook reviewed in the 
                Boise Weekly!

Here's what they had to say: (to read online article click here)

"Get Lost by Steve Silva

For engine-sports enthusiasts who need more speed than human-powered activity offers, Steve Silva's book Get Lost: Adventure Tours in the Owyhee Desert is a perfect match. Silva's intention, clearly stated in the book's introduction, is to provide readers with a detailed guide to dirt biking in the Owyhee desert of Southwestern Idaho and Eastern Oregon, and he accomplishes that using a fairly simple format. Silva chunks the area into six bite-sized regions, then details specific routes within each section, including brief descriptions of the loops and exact directions using GPS coordinates. So much emphasis is placed on GPS coordinates that dirt-bikers who aren't comfortable with that technology will need to read their GPS manual first.

This is not a curl-up-on-the-couch kind of read, although Silva does include great information on the history of the area. He highlights terrain features and he offers sage advice about dealing with the risks inherent to desert riding--like running out of fuel or water.

Silva is an outdoors person's outdoors person, so count on accurate information in this publication, which is exactly the kind of tool you would use not only to plan a route, but to make sure you get home as well. [Disclosure: Steve Silva is a contributor to Boise Weekly.]"

(Reprinted from the Boise Weekly)


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Introduction from the Get Lost! guidebook:



Eastern Oregon, Southwest Idaho and Northern Nevada represent some of the most remote riding possibilities in all of the lower contiguous United States. Comprised of mainly high altitude desert, or steppes, this area of interest is one of the largest tracts of unimproved land in the lower 48. Bordered by the Snake River Plain to the east, the Jarbidge Mountains to the south, and the Owyhee River canyons to the west. This area is host to dry arid sagebrush, jagged granite spires, dark canyons, volcanic lava beds, juniper forests, and a stillness that has led many to call it “The Big Quiet”. Not for the faint of heart, this land has had settlers and immigrant historical implications for hundreds of years. Their marks are still here for all to see.

Dual sport motorcycles, adventure riding, or whatever tag you put on it has opened up a whole new array of access to this wild and lonely land. With only fuel availability restricting the range of discovery, the average rider can enjoy this vast land and all it has to offer. The area is crisscrossed with old roads and trails. From maintained gravel roads at the high end of use, to faint double tracks that are whispers of a direction at the seldom-used end. Terrain includes spectacular vistas, flat “tables”, deep shadowed canyons, and tree lined mountaintops. Wildlife abounds, with deer, antelope, and coyotes howling in the starlit night skies. Constantly changing, the area offers a fantastic choice for the rider to enjoy, and explore. With the burgeoning group of dual sport riders, bikes, equipment, and technical mapping info, the adventure rider now has at his fingertips this entire region to enjoy.


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